The ‘Well Seasoned’ Series: Introduction

I harp on about this a lot, I know, but for me (and happily for increasingly large numbers of food-minded folk) choosing what I buy and eat to match the seasons makes a whole lot of sense. Yes, it is incredible that we can buy once highly seasonal fruit and vegetables like plums or tomatoes all year round, but personally I feel it just makes complete sense to eat things when they are naturally at their best. I am more than happy to wait until British strawberries are at their peak before I crack out the clotted cream, or for pumpkins to be at their fattest and most flavourful before attempting a pie. If anything the waiting game is half the joy – nothing quite like the nerdy happiness of spotting the first cherries of the season, or finding that perfect, early bunch of asparagus. This country has so much wonderful produce to offer, grown slowly and lovingly in line with the seasons, and we should celebrate that. Plus, there is nothing quite like an enormous glut of apples to make you don your thinking cap and get the creative juices flowing!

For this reason I have decided to start this, my ‘Well Seasoned’ series to showcase some of the best seasonal offerings. Hopefully it will give you all a bit of inspiration for how to make the most of Blighty’s best and maybe even dig up (pun absolutely intended) some more obscure local produce that is too good to miss.


Hanna xx


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