Welcome to Sticky Toffee Tofu. My name is Hanna and this site is a place for me to compile and share my recipes, photography and (generally nonsensical) ramblings. I very much hope you enjoy them!

Having spent most of my career working as a full-time chef in Michelin starred restaurants in London and around the UK I am lucky enough to have trained with some incredible chefs and mentors including, amongst others, a two year stint with the legendary Michel Roux Jr at Le Gavroche in Mayfair.

The recipes here are a culmination of everything I have learnt from my parents, travels and the professional kitchens I have worked in. My focus is on using fresh, good quality ingredients to make simple dishes that are full of flavour.

I grew up eating an amazing range of food. My dad is from deepest, darkest Norfolk and my mum is Malaysian Chinese. Our house revolved around food, from holidays on the North Norfolk coast picking samphire and fishing for sea bass, to trips around Malaysia eating banana leaf rice with our hands, Hokkien mee at hawker stalls and gorging on the dreaded, smelly durian! At home there was always something cooking: elaborate Sunday roasts, fragrant curries and once a year several enormous feasts to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

This is not one of those ‘virtuous’ blogs that preaches about entirely depriving yourself of gluten/dairy/meat/fat/sugar/fun/all of the above. It is about great tasting food and flavours, however I very strongly believe that the food you eat should be fresh, natural, unprocessed and largely good for you and ingredients should be sourced from the best, ethical local producers and suppliers.


I really hope you enjoy Sticky Toffee Tofu and that the recipes and photos give you as much joy to peruse as they gave me to create.

Hanna x




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